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Hacker man with anonymous mask hacking system security on virtual screen

Intel CET Anti malware


Intel To Add Anti-Malware Hardware In Its Tiger Lake CPUs

Anmol Sachdeva – June 16, 20200Intel announced today that it will include its Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET) hardware-based protection to combat common malware, in its upcoming Tiger Lake mobile…

Digilocker otp bypass


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Hackers Could Access 38 Million Indian DigiLocker Accounts Without Password

Manisha Priyadarshini – June 9, 20200The Indian Government has acknowledged that the secure document wallet service ‘Digilocker’ could have allowed hackers to bypass mobile OTP and sign in as…

Trump Biden election campaign hacking


Foreign Hackers Tried Hacking Trump, Biden’s Election Campaign

Anmol Sachdeva – June 5, 20200Hackers are trying their best to meddle with the upcoming US elections. According to a report by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), foreign hackers…

Sign In with apple flaw


Indian Developer Grabs $100,000 For Reporting ‘Sign in with Apple’ Flaw

Charanjeet Singh – June 1, 20200Sign in with Apple is similar to other app login options such as “Sign in with Google” or Facebook; however, the difference is that…


GitHub Warns Developers About Malware- Spreading Java Projects

Anmol Sachdeva – May 30, 20200On Thursday, GitHub issued a warning about a new malware that’s spreading through open-source NetBeans projects. The malware dubbed “Octopus Scanner” by security researchers…

Strandhogg 2.0 Android bug


Strandhogg 2.0: A “Nearly Undetectable” Android Bug That Tricks Users

Anmol Sachdeva – May 26, 20200Security researchers have found a vulnerability in Android devices that could allow hackers to steal data from users by tricking them into typing passwords…

Trump confidential data


Hackers: Pay $42 Million Or We’ll Release Trump’s “Dirty Laundry”

Anmol Sachdeva – May 16, 20200The REvil ransomware group that targeted A-grade celebrities last week is now demanding a ransom of $42 million from President Donald Trump otherwise, they’ll…

Most exploited vulnerabilities


These Are The Top 10 Most Exploited Vulnerabilities In Past 3…

Anmol Sachdeva – May 13, 20200Cybersecurity is a matter of grave concern, and bad actors are actively involved in exploiting vulnerabilities in systems. Today, the US cybersecurity agencies have…

Intel Thunderspy attack


Any PC Manufactured Before 2019 Is Vulnerable To ‘Thunderspy’ Attack

Anmol Sachdeva – May 11, 20200Björn Ruytenberg, a security researcher from Eindhoven University of Technology, has revealed that all the PCs manufactured before 2019 could be hacked, thanks to…

Anime botnet cereals


Hacker Hacked IoT Devices For 8 Years Just To Download Free…

Anmol Sachdeva – May 8, 20200A hacker operated a network of botnets and exploited vulnerable D-Link Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Video Recorders (NVR) devices for 8 years,…123166Page 1 of 166

Microsoft bug bounty program


Microsoft Announces $100,000 Reward For Hacking Its Custom Linux OS

Anmol Sachdeva – May 7, 20200Microsoft has announced a bug bounty program under which it is offering a reward of $100,000 to anyone who manages to hack its custom…

Linux Vulnerability


‘Kaiji’ Malware Targets Linux Servers, IoT Devices Via DDoS Attacks

Anmol Sachdeva – May 6, 20200Security researchers at Intezer Labs and an individual researcher named MalwareMustDie have discovered a new malware strain that affects Linux-based servers and IoT devices. Reports suggest that the…

Zoom End to end encryption


Beware! Hackers Are Using Zoom App To Install Spying Malware

Anmol Sachdeva – May 4, 20200With the Coronavirus lockdown affecting industries in their day to day functioning, video conferencing apps are making life easier for businesses. One particular video conferencing…

Lineage OS hack


LineageOS: Hackers Breach Servers Of Most Popular Android Custom ROM

Charanjeet Singh – May 4, 20200On Saturday, hackers broke into LineageOS servers via an unpatched vulnerability and took control of the main infrastructure. LineageOS is one of the most popular custom…

Windows 10 Bug Chrome Sandboxing


How A Single Line Of Windows Code Could Have Brought Dark…

Aditya Tiwari – April 27, 20200Windows Updates are known to break people’s machines in different ways, but no one ever would have guessed it could bring dark days for…

iPhone hacking risk


Two Zero Day Flaws Impact More Than A Billion iOS Devices

Anmol Sachdeva – April 23, 20200Apple has always thumped its back when it comes to the security it offers in its devices. However, today, security researchers have discovered two…

Facebook data breach 267 million


267 Million Facebook Accounts Sold On Dark Web For $500

Charanjeet Singh – April 21, 20200Hackers are selling over 267 million Facebook profiles on dark web sites and other hacker forums for merely $541, according to report from Cyble. The data includes…

Cognizant ransomware attack


IT Giant Cognizant Hit By Notorious ‘Maze’ Ransomware

Anmol Sachdeva – April 21, 20200The notorious Maze ransomware attack has hit US-based IT giant Cognizant. The company confirmed the attack today by releasing a statement on its website. Cognizant is one…

Android trojan unkillable


Here Is How The Android Malware That Survives Factory Reset Works

Charanjeet Singh – April 20, 20200A few months ago, researchers came across a peculiar Android trojan known as xHelper. The malware disguises itself as some cleaner or speed-up smartphone app. The…

Pwn2Own 2020


Hackers Steal $34.2 Million Covid-19 Aid Money From Govt Website

Anmol Sachdeva – April 18, 20200The world is suffering from Coronavirus pandemic but amidst all the distress, hackers aren’t sitting idle. Apparently hackers have committed fraud with the

Orchid VPN alternative


Blockchain-Based ‘Orchid’ VPN Lets You Buy Your Own Private Bandwidth

Anmol Sachdeva – April 18, 20200Keeping yourself secure on the internet is an uphill task, thanks to data-hungry companies and ill-intentioned hackers who want to grab hold of user…

zoom zero day flaws


Critical Zoom Zero-Day Exploits Are Being Sold For $500,000

Manisha Priyadarshini – April 16, 20200Zoom, one of the popular video conferencing apps, has been under fire recently for sending data to Facebook, and encryption issues which allowed hackers…

TikTok Vulnerability Swap Videos


TikTok Vulnerability Lets Hackers Replace Your Viral Videos

Aditya Tiwari – April 14, 20200A recent discovery by developers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry, reveals that a vulnerability in the popular social media platform TikTok could let…

Microsoft Buys Corp.com domain


Microsoft Corp. Finally Buys “Corp.com” Danger Domain

Aditya Tiwari – April 8, 20200According to a report by Krebs On Security, Microsoft is buying the old domain name “Corp.com” in an attempt to boost the security of…

Malware Emotet Microsft


Emotet Malware Shut Down Microsoft’s Entire Network By Overheating PCs

Anmol Sachdeva – April 4, 20200Emotet is one of the notorious malware wreaking havoc across industries by hacking systems. In that latest attack, it took down an entire network…

Zoom meeting exposed youtube


Thousands Of Zoom Meeting Recordings Uploaded On YouTube, Vimeo

Anmol Sachdeva – April 4, 20200Zoom’s security woes don’t seem to end any soon. As reported by The Washington Post, thousands of zoom video call recordings are available on…

Coronavirus malware Windows


Beware! ‘Coronavirus’ Malware Trashes Windows And Locks Out Users

Anmol Sachdeva – April 3, 20200Malware creators are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and spreading pandemic-themed malware to demand ransom from users. Since the pandemic has started spreading,…

OpenWRT bug


3-Year-Old RCE Bug Puts Millions Of OpenWRT Devices At Risk

Anmol Sachdeva – April 1, 20200OpenWRT is one of the most popular open-source operating systems powering millions of routers and other devices all over the world. A security researcher…

Coronavirus hack team


Security Experts Form Cyber ‘Justice League’ To Fight Coronavirus Hacks

Anmol Sachdeva – March 28, 20200While the entire world is reeling over Coronavirus pandemic, some notorious hacker groups are leveraging the widespread chaos and attacking healthcare organizations and hospitals. In…

Windows Zero day Flaw


A ‘Critical’ Unpatched Flaw Has Affected All Versions Of Windows: Microsoft

Anmol Sachdeva – March 24, 20200Microsoft has warned that hackers are actively exploiting a zero-day vulnerability affecting all the versions of Windows. The remote code execution flaw stems from…1234166Page 3 of 166

Pwn2Own 2020


Pwn2Own 2020: Hacker Wins $30,000 For Ubuntu’s Privilege Escalation Bug

Anmol Sachdeva – March 20, 20200Amidst the havoc wreaked by Coronavirus, the annual hacking event Pwn2Own is underway, and for the first time, the contest is being held remotely. At the…

Coronavirus Tracking app fake Ransomware


Fake Coronavirus Tracker Promises Safety, Installs “Covidlock” Ransomware Instead

Charanjeet Singh – March 16, 20200The Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As of now, the virus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed over 5,800 people…

Windows Zero day Flaw


Microsoft Issues Security Patch For “Wormable” SMBv3 Windows 10 Flaw

Aditya Tiwari – March 13, 20200Microsoft has released a security patch for the recently known remote code execution vulnerability that exists in Server Message Block 3.1.1 (SMBv3) and affected…

fake coronavirus maps


Fake ‘Coronavirus Maps’ Are Infecting PCs With Malware To Steal Passwords

Manisha Priyadarshini – March 13, 20200The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc across the globe, infecting 128,000+ individuals and claiming 4700+ lives so far. Meanwhile, hackers are exploiting this…

Microsoft Fixes 115 Vulnerabilities In March Patch Tuesday


Microsoft Fixes 115 ‘Security Holes’ In Latest Patch Tuesday Update

Aditya Tiwari – March 11, 20200You may forget about a Tuesday chore, but Microsoft never forgets to release an update on Tuesday. It’s a new month, so another Patch Tuesday update…

Android end of update


Over One Billion Android Devices At Risk Due To End Of…

Anmol Sachdeva – March 7, 20200According to a report by the consumer review company Which?, more than one billion Android devices are at risk as they are running Android…

Microsoft accounts Compromised No MFA


1.2 Million Microsoft Accounts Hacked, Made The “Same” Mistake

Aditya Tiwari – March 7, 20200The importance of putting proper security measures to safeguard your online accounts has only increased with time. Here, technologies like 2-factor authentication play an…

Linux Vulnerability


Several Linux Systems Can Be Hacked Via This 17-Yr-Old RCE Flaw

Anmol Sachdeva – March 6, 20200Several Linux-based operating systems have been affected by a 17-year old remote code execution (RCE) flaw which affects Point-to-Point Protocol daemon (pppd) software. Pppd…

Microsoft Subdomains Vulnerability


Don’t Download Anything From “mybrowser.microsoft.com”!!

Aditya Tiwari – March 6, 20200A security researcher duo from Vullnerability has revealed the careless attitude Microsoft maintains when it comes to the online security of its products and…



Hackers Can Attack iPhone, Pixel & Galaxy Phones Using $5 Transducer

Anmol Sachdeva – March 3, 20200A group of researchers from Michigan State University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Washington University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated how a $5…1345166Page 4 of 166

Cloud Snooper: Hackers Using Linux Kernel Driver To Attack Cloud Server


Cloud Snooper: Hackers Using Linux Kernel Driver To Attack Cloud Server

Sarvottam Kumar – February 27, 20200Whether you’re a Linux user or not, you must have heard the buzzword about the Linux — “Best OS for security.” Well, it is…

Kr00k security flaw wifi


‘Kr00k’ Wi-Fi Flaw Affects Billions Of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Amazon Devices

Anmol Sachdeva – February 27, 20200Security researchers at ESET have discovered a high-severity Wi-Fi flaw dubbed ‘Kr00k’ which has affected more than a billion devices, including smartphones, PCs, and…

Facial Recognition Company Clearview AI Got Its Entire Client List Stolen


Facial Recognition Company Clearview AI Got Its Entire Client List Stolen

Shivam Gulati – February 27, 20200Facial recognition startup, Clearview AI, works with approximately 600 law enforcement agencies across North America. So, you would assume that Clearview has robust security. However,…

WhatsApp Group Invite link indexed on Google


Private WhatsApp Groups Exposed On Google Search, But It’s A Feature…

Nishit Raghuwanshi – February 22, 20200Update (24/02/2020, 7:00 PM IST): Initially, it seemed that WhatsApp didn’t give users even a single ray of hope after their private chats ended…

Microsoft Defender Apps For Android iOS


Microsoft Previews Its Linux Antivirus; Apps For Android, iOS Coming This…

Aditya Tiwari – February 22, 20200Microsoft has announced in a blog post that it’s planning to bring the Defender antivirus to more platforms. This includes Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux…

Hacker screen brightness


Hackers Can Steal Data By Tweaking Monitor’s Brightness By Just 3%

Anmol Sachdeva – February 6, 20200As weird and creepy as it may sound, researchers have invented a technique to steal your data by tweaking the brightness of your PC’s…

WhatsApp desktop app security Flaw


WhatsApp’s Desktop App Vulnerability Gave Remote Access To Hackers

Charanjeet Singh – February 6, 20200A major security flaw in WhatsApp’s desktop app for Windows10 and macOS could give hackers remote access to files stored on your computer by inserting…

Kobe Bryant wallpaper cyptojacking malware


Kobe Bryant Wallpaper Caught Spreading Cryptojacking Malware

Aditya Tiwari – February 1, 20200While the world mourns the unexpected death of the NBA star Kobe Bryant, malicious actors didn’t spend much time taking advantage of the situation. Microsoft…

Android Hard To Hack Than iPhone


Android Phones Now Harder To Hack Than iPhones

Aditya Tiwari – January 30, 20200While governments and law enforcement agencies continue to push device makers to create backdoors, there is always a workaround that lets them crack open…

Avast antivirus data collection


Avast’s Free Antivirus Tracks Your Browsing Activity & Sells It For…

Anmol Sachdeva – January 28, 20200In a shocking revelation by a report from Motherboard in collaboration with PCMag, it is known that Avast is collecting users’ browsing history and…1456166Page 5 of 166


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