The Smallest Cars in the World

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Here's taking a closer look at some of the smallest cars in the whole world! The Peel P50 return has jumpstarted the whole debate once again!

The smallest cars in the world are essentially micro-cars that were built to accommodate only a single individual and perhaps a little bag or two! The Peel P50 has returned in a new avatar and kick-started the question all over again- Which are truly the smallest such cars in the entire world?

Peel P50


Arguably the world's smallest car the moment, it has made a return to the headspace of auto enthusiasts globally. It was developed on the Isle of Man in Great Britain back in the early 1960s. The car is exactly 54 inches long while being able to accommodate a single passenger and a grocery bag. It gets a motor that makes four hp and is still the smallest production car in the world, a title given by the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is now back in a whole new avatar. A new version of the England-based Peel P50 has returned, providing approximately 50 of these highly coveted micro-cars or two-seater bubble-topped variants named the Trident, for approximately £6,995 or $11,000 as per estimates. There are electric drivetrain and petrol options available. The original model used to cost around £199 and the newer versions are comparatively costlier! However, while the Peel P50 is the smallest vehicle in the whole word, there are several other popular choices that have launched over decades.

Fiat Topolino


While the Fiat 500 has already returned to production lines, the original Topolino was something else altogether! The car was launched in the year 1936 and was one of the smallest vehicles in the whole world at the time. It got two seats along with a motor that dished out 13 hp. This was instrumental in helping Italy adapt to motoring in the pre-War period, till 1948, when it was phased out.

Messerschmitt Kabinroller


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This German invention was a cabin scooter that was made in the post-war period in Europe. This was made by an engineer who used to work on aircraft and developed in a former aeroplane factory in the country. It had a two seater layout and an engine making 10 hp. This three wheeler was half a vehicle and priced at roughly 50% of what was charged for a Volkswagen in those days!

BMW Isetta


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BMW is known for its luxury cars worldwide, but did you know that it also came out with the unique Isetta that was based on a design from Italy? This was powered by a motorcycle engine from BMW with a door that opened forward. This smallest car at the time eventually became hugely popular in Europe owing to its affordable price tag. It was produced between 1956 and 1962.

Goggomobile Dart


The Goggomobile Dart resulted from the conversion of a regular German automobile, done locally. It had a two-seater layout and a roadster body made of fiberglass. There were no doors whatsoever. Passengers had to jump right into this two-stroke yet compact sports car that dished out a decent 63 miles per hour in terms of top speed.


The return of the Peel P50 in a whole new avatar has now got the world talking about micro-cars once again. Considering the expensive price point, it will still be snapped up by car connoisseurs looking to own a rare beauty.

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