Whispers of Karnataka Congress netas on Patel give BJP fresh ammo

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BENGALURU: With the whispers between senior Congress leaders in Karnataka, D K Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah wondering about paying homage to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at an event on Indira Gandhi's death anniversary going viral, BJP has accused the grand old party of showing respect to the country's first home minister only out of fear of the saffron party.
The 1.15-minute video pu- rportedly shows a conversation between the two at the party office on October 31. It was picked up by mics on the table while the cameras were on.
In the video, Siddaramaiah can be seen reminding Shivakumar, at the beginning of the event, that the day also happens to be Patel's birthday. In response, Shivakumar says, "It is, sir ... (but) we don't keep their portraits together." Following which Siddaramaiah says, "BJP will take advantage of it."
The video then shows Shivakumar asking a person to get Patel's portrait and tells Siddaramaiah that he will get it placed next to Indira's.
Sharing the clip, BJP lea- ders attacked Congress. "Co- ngress leaders Siddarama- iah and Shivakumar agreed to place photo of Sardar Patel along with that of Indira Gandhi fearing BJP," the saffron party's national general secretary C T Ravi said.


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