Writers, academicians raise questions on textbook revision

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In an open letter, academicians, writers and litterateurs from across the State have questioned the revisions made to school textbooks in Karnataka by a committee headed by Rohit Chakrathirtha and argued that syllabus cannot be changed with the change of a political regime to suit its ideological stances.

They have also questioned the criteria used for the appointment of Mr. Chakrathirtha to head the committee.

“Mr. Chakrathirtha is not an education expert nor has he done any active research in the educational sector. Under what criteria was he selected as the head of the committee?” asked the letter which is signed by over 80 people including Dr. K. Marulasiddappa, Dr. Ganesh Devy, Dr. Vijaya, B.T. Lalitha Nayak, Dr. Rahamat Tarikere and others.

While arguing that decisions regarding textbook content curation and revision should only be taken by the experts in the field, the writers also opined that along the lines of the Election Commission, a separate commission should be formed for the creation and revision of textbooks. They have said that such a body should not come under the control of the government and have autonomy.

They said that texts that divide communities or impose ideological blinkers cannot be included in school curriculum. Lessons that uphold equality, Constitutional ideals and scientific temper should be prioritised, they said.

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